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Empowerment Boundaries Assertiveness Self-Defense Physical Skills Confidence Safety

Changing the culture of violence through education, awareness, skills and training by way of mobile app technology.

Our Solution

A scalable and user-friendly solution to teach the principles of Empowerment Self Defense (ESD) with the goal of eliminating interpersonal and gender-based violence.

MyPwr App for

MyPwr App for

Our Vision

Research Based ESD Lessons

Content developed by ESD experts guides users ages 18+ through a process by way of easily digestible exercises and lessons.
Skills taught include awareness development, verbal boundary setting, and physical techniques.

Supportive Community​

An online community of users learning to be more empowered and supporting each other. Includes peer mentors and ESD professionals to support you along your journey.

Success stories

"I grew up in a home that taught me to fear everything, everyone. All my self-defense skills have come from fear. Here I got to learn the skills from a place of empowerment."

Age 42

"I am in a WhatsApp group for a course. Someone started making jokey comments with a nasty undertone about a guy in our course who isn’t in the group. I posted that it’s not appropriate to make comments about any course member in the WhatsApp group. People apologized and lots posted they too had felt uncomfortable. Feels good to be an upstander and not a bystander."

Age 18

"I was sitting on a bus and there was a man staring at me the whole ride. When I got off the bus, the man got off too. He grabbed me and wrapped his arms around my head. I elbowed him and he fell. I ran away."

Age 35